Water Washable Yellow & Black Resin 1KG (2 x 500g)

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Water Washable Yellow Resin 500g

Water Washable Black Resin 500g

Yellow and Black mixed makes a nice Dark Green


  • Very easy cleanup with water: can be washed out with water directly and cleanly, don¡¯t have to use IPA, it dramatically saves cleaning chemicals and time, plus it won¡¯t stick to your hand..
    Good fluidity, Fast Curing: The printing time is greatly reduced by its good fluidity, No deformation in the forming process, The finish of the result prints is very smooth, and you could notice the detail is highly accurate..
    Minimal smell: the smell is minimal.no harmful VOCs..
    Quality prints: we have done multiple prints tests, The overall quality of prints are excellent, they comes out with very good detail..
    Compatible with: LCD 3D Printer constantly stable and outstanding performance, sensitive to 385nm-410nm, the resin works very nice on most LCD Printers on the market with no issue. , if you can adjust printing parameter on your DLP printer, you can use this item..

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