Strawberry (Scented) PLA

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Strawberry PLA Filament


  • 1Kg Reel

  • Diameter: 1.75mm

  • Tolerance: ± 0.03

  • Print Temperature: 190 - 220 °C

  • Heated Bed Temperature: 50 - 65 °C

    What can you use scented filament for? 

  • New Scented PLA Filaments 
  • Enjoy working in the fragrant workshop.

  • Print rose, lavender, jasmine, or tuilp scented birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, weekly gifts for wives or girlfriends (roses, flower boxes, makeup box, high-heel shoes box, hairpins, jewelry boxes etc).

  • When girlfriend or wife are in bad mood, you can print a flower or fruit scented print for them, they can smell, and make them happy.

  • Print fragrant coins and put them in wardrobe.

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