Standard Blue Resin 500g

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Standard Blue Resin 500g


  • Ultralow Odor and low stimulation: ROHS-certified, Eryone super low odor resin is specifically designed for 3D printing novices or 3D printing education purposes,3D printing makers can use it with ease.

  • Uncompromised High Precision& High Detail: high precision and fast curing available for LCD DLP 3D printer, the solid colors provide a great print with excellent detail and holds the pigment longer.

  • Multiple colors: there are 10 colors available ,and each can be mixed together to create new colors.

  • High Compatibility: Widely compatible with LCD DLP 3D printers: Eryone Photopolymer resin is compatible with most LCD/DLP 3D printers with wavelength.

  • Warning and Storage: Be sure to wear your gloves and mask anytime you are about to deal with the resin, the resin comes stored in a solid leak-proof and light-proof bottle, please keep it sealed and stay from sunlight under ambient temperature.

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