The Spaghetti Detective & OctoPrint
Remote Control and Monitor your 3d Prints
Easily control your 3d printer from you Laptop / Workstation PC / Mobile device with OctoPrint.
Octoprint is a free opensource project which allows you to control your Printer from your Device.
Control Page of OctoPrint
Simply add your WIFI settings when imaging the SD Card ( or ask us to do it on your new order ) and power up your Raspberry PI ( wee machine that octopi runs on ) then connect to your Octoprint via your browser ( ip address might need to be taken from your router )
Octoprint lets you control your Printer when you are on your WIFI:
  • No more copying to SD Cards, Simply upload your gcode to Octoprint
  • Heat up and override controls from your PC, Nozzle, bed temp etc.
  • Add a Webcam to observe the Print and Make Time Lapses


  • Stop the Print remotely ( Need to be on your WIFI, so only house hold bound )
  • View gcode previews
  • Add 100s plugins to extend Octoprint ( is our main one )


Temperature setting / tweaking
Leaving the house? Subscribe to Octoprint Plugin The Spaghetti Detective
  • The Spaghetti Detective allows you to continue to control / monitor your print when away.
  • The Spaghetti Detective also runs AI software monitoring your print looking for "Spaghetti" of bad / failing prints and notifies you to observe, it can even make the decision to pause printer and allows for you to cancel print after manually observation.
  • needs WIFI/4G and Web Camera.
  • Keeps a log of time lapse's of all your prints
  • Subscription based on print hours per month
  • great value considering the hours and PLA it can save you on the longer prints.
  • even share the stream of your print !
The Spaghetti Detective Monitoring a Print about to Start, Can be viewed on their iOS or Android App anywhere when you have an 4G / Internet Connection